Friday, 31 October 2014

mixed media canvas : Together

Here's another mixed media canvas work, the theme being "wedding" this time.


I was rather indecisive about the  colour scheme and settled finally with pink.
If  you find it interesting read on with my steps on "how to".

To begin with I formed a rough idea about the whole layout along with the embellishments.

I've used epoxy resin (shilpakar) as well as mont marte air drying modelling clay to make all the embellishments.
Here's a college pic of them.


Steps are quite simple & would take much longer & eventually boring if I go in detail about each one. The tuxedo, corset, corner swirl all follow the same scheme.
●draw outline in acetate sheet
●after spreading clay with roller into a flat surface,  cut around the basic outline
●add more clay on top to bring about dimension (for the corner swirl I used 3D liner for this purpose)
●flowers made by usual procedure (reference available in YouTube)
● coat everything with gesso.


●color with acrylic paint/inks after everything is completely dry
●added some bling with 3D liner..

(am not sure why, but modelling clay doesn't take gesso/acrylic colors too well & tends to peel off even after drying. inks work the best alternative medium for me)

the butterflies were marker pins, which I have bent in half, coated with gesso & colored.


for the BG I started by coloring with pearl pink, then pasted random pieces of PP  over that. used some inks on the edges to blend everything. added some texture with homemade modelling paste & Tim Holtz bubbles stencil.


I've stamped random images with postcard stamp set from itsybitsy collection. gave a wash of gesso to take everything more into the bg for a subtle look. also added some splashes of gesso.

I bought the lace from a local store which was quite cheap but less attractive.  I painted with white acrylic paint & the result was so much better :) then decorated with pink stones & sequins


The sentiment was made with 3D liner,in the same way I used here. (this is a wedding gift too :p)

Assembled all the elements & stuck with pva glue. I've also added vintage tag washi tape & tied to the tux with a twine. I coiled some craft wires (silver) to form the twiners.
I also added metal charms, bird cage & watercan.

finally gave a coat of modpodge to seal everything. The whole thing was tacky even after drying. a little research into the internet, and I found it usually happens with "gloss" type & minimum tackiness is with the "hard coat" type..
The way to fix this issue is to use a spray fixative. (I am yet to try that as my project, with a very thin layer of mod podge, finally dried after a week of air drying !!!)

I've pasted a gift wrapper on the back & I've made the stand like my previous project.


For digi remix,  I've changed the hue to my favourite colour :)


am linking this to,
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I'm a craft beginner so I don't have too many products from prima (the only one I have now is the Sunrise sunset PP collection) & those of which I have ordered for,are still in transit.
not sure if this entry qualifies but linking it anyway :)

hope you enjoyed this.
Ur comments mean a lot to me :)
Create. Have fun.


  1. Beautiful embellishments with Shilpakar. Your canvas is beautiful.
    Thanks for joining us at Lulupu sparkle with Prima Challenge.

  2. Thank you so much :)