Sunday, 31 August 2014

All about Monsoon

Am totally new to papercrafting & blogging in general. I happened to see the craft challenge with monsoon theme..
so I decided to give it a go & start from there :)
I plan to update more posts soon :)
Here's the card I have made for this theme with the little supplies I had..


If u r interested in the Steps, here they are:
I cut a 9"×5" orange cardstock & folded in half for the landscape layout. .
I stamped the borders with red pigment ink..
I cut a black craft paper leaving 1/4" margin on all sides (It dint turn out perfect though) & pasted it on the orange sheet with glue.
I drew and cut the cup and saucer out of patterned paper, added the green strips from an old wedding card.
Since I didn't have any chalk/distress inks, I used acrylic colour (burnt sienna) mixed with camlin gloss medium (thinner) to do the shading.
I cut out a vintage tag washi tape & trimmed it to a smaller size. Cut & Added that little heart from a red paper. Outlined with uniball signo silver pen. I pierced at the top With a pin, inserted a thin twine, made a loop knot & tag is ready.
For the clouds, I made a stencil with OHP sheet. Drew the clouds, cut out with a craft knife. I applied homemade modelling paste (talc+white glue+ camlin texture white) with palette knife.
I stuck the saucer flat with glue & the cup & tag with foam squares to give dimension.
I mixed some burnt sienna with the modelling paste  & applied with the stencil I cut to get the coffee/tea effect.. (not sure if it is showing up in the picture;) )


Finally, with uniball signo milky white gel pen, I drew lighting, rain splatters,  tea foam & the faux stitches.. and included "Bliss"
(No stencil, so had to go by handwriting again )
Card is done.

Thunderstorms,  heavy showers,  hot tea , coffee aroma.. they cross my mind whenever I think of monsoons.. am never an indoor person when it rains..
I would never miss a chance to get drenched in rain & feel the blissful drops wash away every ounce of sorrow & melancholy from my mind :)

So dats my Version of the monsoons :)  I hope you enjoyed it. I found lots & lotsa imperfections there (it is full of them actually) but am happy how it has turned out, this being my first serious project with all those strange tools ;)
Hoping to improve more.. Cheers.!
Create. Have fun.


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